The Chase - January 4th, 2010, 11:40 pm
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So it begins... [Posted by Goddess Ace on January 4th, 2010, 11:55 pm]

I really thought I would have started this before I went to college, but now I’m about to start my second semester. (Haha, I guess that does mean I’m starting this before I leave again…) Originally, I was going to do a strip about my room being invaded and then later, packing to leave. Maybe some other time…

This features the original “cast” of characters from Dirty Laundry. What exactly is Dirty Laundry? In simple terms, it’s just a cross over with my characters from all there different stories I’ve worked on over the years. This cast consists of myself (the lovely writer), my cat Leonardo (my head warmer), Biff (the fox), Kyla (the kitty princess), Pokcy (the tiger), Ras (the Finnish guy with blue hair), and Gouaki (the dude with spikey brown hair).

I guess you could say it was inspired by a play I had to write in ninth grade where, for whatever reason, Biff, Ras, and Goukai all got locked in an attic and in the end it was Kyla who came to the rescue (sorta… Biff ended getting a broken spleen. Ouch.) Not exactly sure why Pocky ended up the original cast since he wasn’t in the play, but he’s still considered an original.

The story behind “The Chase” is pretty simple. Biff’s mad at me because I always screw up his life, he probably will really want to strangle me one day. Kyla just likes to tag along and usually drags Pocky along with her because she can push him around. Ras is ticked because he has to share being the main character (originally, Sebastian was only supposed to be Ras’ rival but he went to being the best friend to lover to yep, main character as well). As for Goukai… he sorta spaces out when he’s not with his family – his wife really does seem to keep him on track.

Wow, this was long. Oh well – prepare to be abused by the many, many characters created by me, Ace.


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